Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon

What a gorgeous day to run! Exciting and exhausting, I reluctantly ran my second 1/2 marathon, the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon.

After the last long run I had, my 18 mile training run, I had my confidence shaken. I was fatigued, sore and just wore out. I questioned my goals and my physical ability to complete my goal of running in the Chicago Marathon in Oct. 2009.

I had signed up for the Rock and Roll months ago, so I was already committed to running, even though I really didn't want to. I had not slept well for the last 2 days, as usual I was coming off a 3 day 12 hr stretch from working in the ED. I was exhausted and near tears the night before the run.

My parents are out here in Virginia visiting, so my mom wanted to see me run. We were up at 0430 after only a few hours of sleep. With at least 15,000 runners, I was nervous and not ready to run. I just kept thinking, "you were supposed to do a 10 miler training run this week whats 13.1!?"

It was a great day to run, the weather was perfect and the music and people were great. Although I was tiered I tried to enjoy myself. I ran it in 2:26 which was 6 minutes slower than my first 1/2 Marathon, but this course had 2 trips over a bridge, the last course was flat.

What I learned today is that you have to get back on the horse, if you have to stop to stretch it is better to than to injure yourself, your not a quitter if you have to walk for a bit, and that your mother will always be proud of you whether your first or dead last place.

I got some of my motivation back, some of my confidence is showing and I am realizing that my goal is to finish the marathon, bring awareness to childhood cancer and raise money for childhood cancer research, I have completed the last two. Now to run and finish the Chicago Marathon!!

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